FutureCeuticals Direct encourages you to communicate with your doctors. It is important that your primary care physician and heart specialist are aware of all of the therapies you are utilizing.

Working With Your Doctor— A Healthy Partnership

Your doctor is your partner in treating your high cholesterol. The better you communicate with your doctor, the better you’ll understand and carry out your treatment. This rule also applies to other health professionals who may join your treatment team, such as a dietitian or a physical activity specialist.

Get the Most from Each Visit

FutureCeuticals Direct encourages everyone to learn and utilize the following tips adopted from the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. These tips help improve communication with clinicians, including making sure health professionals are aware of all current therapies.  Learning these tips, can help anyone get the most out of each appointment, with less frustration and anxiety. They apply to any health partner appointment, from dietitian to physical activity specialist.

Here are some tips for making the health professional partnership work well:

  1. Write it Down: Before a visit, use a pen and paper to write down your questions. In a busy office it is easy to forget what you intend to ask. Bring these items with you to the visit and expect to write down the answers to your question and anything else that is discussed during your visit.
  2. Speak Up: If you do not understand something speak up and ask that they clarify. Make sure that you understand what they are saying and write it down if needed. During the visit other questions may arise. Be prepared to record them as well.
  3. Record Results: Keep track of test results by writing them down. Track progress and make goals for the future based on results.
  4. Share: If the doctor is to be your partner in health they need you to be honest and direct. Give your medical team the kind of information they need to make informed decisions. Tell them about any symptoms and side effects you are experiencing and be sure they are aware of all additional therapies you are utilizing.
  5. Review: Be certain that you understand the treatment plan laid out for you and what the intended results will be.

For a full list of questions you can ask your doctor visit the AHRQ by clicking here.

These tips can help you make the most out of each visit. Remember, communicating is vital for forming a healthy partnership. This includes making your health team aware of all additional therapies you are utilizing. FutureCeuticals Direct makes it easy for you to talk to your doctor about Nutrim. Print out the “Nutrim Overview” document below and bring it to your next doctor’s visit.

Nutrim® Overview