Top 10 Cholesterol Lowering Foods:

Nature is full of cholesterol lowering compounds. With the right foods every meal can be another victory in the fight against high cholesterol. All whole foods are beneficial, but these top 10 cholesterol lowering foods contain key nutrients to ensure success.

10. Nuts

Most nuts are beneficial for overall heart health.  They may even lower the risk of heart disease according to the FDA.  Walnuts, in particular, are high in heart healthy omega-3 fats.  Walnuts are also high in vitamin E, which helps protect the heart.  Most nuts will do the trick. It is important to choose nuts without added fat, since these nuts are typically fried.

9. Salmon

Salmon is a source of the most active form of omega 3 which have been shown in increase HDL (“good cholesterol”) and decrease triglycerides.

8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

EVOO is the first pressing of the oil, is not heavily processed and contains the most antioxidants.  EVOO is full of heart healthy monounsaturated fats.

7. Grapefruit

One active ingredient in grapefruit, naringenin, is starting to show promise for its ability to help fight cholesterol and other health issues.

6. Blueberries

Besides their heart health and cholesterol benefits, further research of this high antioxidant berry has uncovered a powerful phytochemical called pterostilbene.  It works through a mechanism similar to a common class of cholesterol medicine.  Research also shows it possesses potent anti-cancer properties.

5. Brown Rice

Whole grains have been associated with a lower risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Rice bran oil contains an ingredient that has shown promise in studies for its ability to lower cholesterol.

4. Eggplant

Eggplant is high in soluble fiber and contains a potent antioxidant called nasunin, which has been shown to protect brain cells from damage.  This antioxidant is believed to be another element of eggplant that may help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a  heart healthy powerhouse! Research has shown that garlic can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as help fight the collection of cholesterol in the arteries.

2. Beans

Beans are a great source of cholesterol lowering soluble fiber and a good source of protein.  Small red beans and pinto beans are high antioxidant foods as well.

…and the Number 1 Cholesterol Lowering Food is…

1. Oats

Over 60 years of research shows that oats are effective at lowering cholesterol.  They contain a cholesterol lowering soluble fiber called oat β-Glucan (beta-glucan).  Nutrim® contains 10% oat β-Glucan in each serving.

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