Nutrim® has the unique ability to add the power of heart-healthy oats to any meal! Simply mix Nutrim® with a favorite beverage or food twice daily. It has a very mild flavor and is smooth, not gritty like other powders.

Suggested Use: 1 scoop in the morning and the evening (2 scoops daily). Mix into water, skim milk, juice or food.

Nutrim® Beverages

Mixing Nutrim® into a beverage is easy and a great first step.  Just stir it in. Nutrim® adds a lush creaminess to beverages.

Advanced Uses

Originally developed by the USDA as a healthy fat replacer, Nutrim® is the perfect substitute for fat in your favorite recipes. You do not have to sacrifice texture and taste! Nutrim® also binds to some of the saturated fats in recipes and helps carry them out of the body before they are absorbed. Learn more.

Advanced users enjoy the benefits of cooking with Nutrim® and often discover new ways of reaching their Nutrim® serving goals. FutureCeuticals Direct provides easy recipes for every level of user along with each order. Search for recipes- click here.

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