Nutrim® provides 2 ways to cut saturated fats:

1. Nutrim® binds to some of the saturated fat in the foods we eat. It escorts the bound fat out of the body before it hits the bloodstream.

2. Nutrim® can be used to reduce fat in great tasting recipes. Nutrim® was developed as a fat replacer by ARS Hall of Fame Scientist Dr. George Inglett at the USDA. Dr. Inglett was devoted to improving the consistency and fluidity of oats in order to create a healthy fat replacer. His years of research led to the TRIM® process, patented and used exclusively by VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc.

Without the use of chemicals or enzymes Dr. Inglett was able to create an all natural oat powder rich in oat ß-glucans that imparts a remarkably creamy texture to any food or beverage with little impact on taste. The results of his research and the use of Nutrim® in particular baking applications have been widely published in peer-reviewed journals.

Nutrim® users can enjoy the benefits of heart healthy oat ß-glucans in nearly any meal. Plus, Nutrim® is one of the easiest ingredients to use in the kitchen. It makes smoothies smoother and adding Nutrim to make  low fat gravy and baked goods gives users the healthy benefits of oat ß-glucans.