Study:  Oat ß-Glucan increases bile acid excretion and a fiber-rich barley fraction increases cholesterol execretion in ileostomy subjects
Authors:  A got Lia, Goran Hallmans, Ann-Sofie Sandberg, Birgitta Sundberg, Per Aman, and Henrik Andersson
Publication:   Am J Clin Nutr. 1995;62: 1245-51.
Summary:  10 ileostomy patients were fed 4 diets, each for 2 days.  The 4 diets included 4 different types of bread: oat bran, oat bran with ß-glucanase (an enzyme that breaks down ß- glucans), barley, and wheat.  Feeding oat bran bread resulted in a 53% higher bile acid secretion compared to oat bran bread with ß-glucanase.  Oat bran bread also resulted in significantly more excretion of bile acids compared with barley and wheat breads.

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