Nutrim® Butter

Fat is calorie dense and can quickly increase the calorie count of any meal. If we are not conscientious about fat, it is easy to consume too much. However, cutting fat can be hard to do. It brings wonderful texture to food that is hard to give up. But what if fat could be cut without sacrificing the rich, creamy texture? Sounds too good to be true – but not with Nutrim®.

Nutrim® was originally developed by the USDA as a healthy fat replacer. It maintains fats’ wonderful texture without disrupting taste. Use it to replace portions of:

  • Butter
  • Oil
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sour Cream

Substituting fat with Nutrim is easy! There are many heart healthy, tested recipes provided by FutureCeuticals Direct in the recipe section. Try homemade, hot Dinner Rolls, please a crowd with Fudgy Brownies, or enjoy Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies.

An even better way to use Nutrim in the kitchen is to experiment with your own favorite recipes. Use the “Nutrim Recipe Replacement Guide” to get started! View the guide below or keep a copy of the Nutrim Recipe Replacement Guide by downloading the PDF.

Nutrim Recipe Replacement Guide


Measurement Equivalents

This chart may be helpful as you experiment with recipes. It shows common standard measurements and their equivalent in Nutrim® scoops.


Consistency Adjustments

Use the proportions below as a guide for adding water to compensate for the amount of Nutrim® added and the desired consistency.


Mayo + Sour Cream

Use this recipe or proportions to substitute for ¼  of the mayo or sour cream in a recipe.

Proportion: 2 scoops of Nutrim® + ½ cup of water

Tip: Add this mixture to a 16 oz container of sour cream or mayonnaise to give them lower fat and a heart healthy oat ß-glucan boost.

Oil Replacer

Use the Nutrim® “oil” proportions to substitute ¼ of the oil normally in a recipe.

Proportion: 1 heaping scoop of Nutrim® + 1 cup of water

For example: If recipe calls for 1 cup of oil add ¾ cup of oil, 1 heaping tsp Nutrim® +
¼ cup water instead.

Butter Replacer

(Also for Margarine or Shortening)

Use this recipe or proportion to replace up to ¼ of the butter, margarine, or shortening in a recipe.

Proportion: ⅓ cup of Nutrim® + 1 cup water

If recipe calls for 2 sticks butter add 1½ sticks butter + 1 scoop Nutrim® + ¼ cup water
If recipe calls for 1 stick butter add 6 Tbsp butter + 2 tsp Nutrim® + 2 Tbsp water

Butter Spread Alternative

Make butter spreadable, add heart healthy olive oil + reduce the fat with this recipe.

2 scoops of Nutrim®
½ cup olive oil
½ cup butter (1 stick, softened)
2 Tbsp water

In a medium bowl, add Nutrim® to oil. Mix well with a hand mixer or blender. Add water + butter. Mix until creamy. Store in refrigerator like regular butter.

Flour Substitute

Replace up to ⅓ of the flour in a recipe with Nutrim®.

Some recipes, (such as bread), do well with a full ⅓ flour swap, while other recipes (such as cookies) do well with less Nutrim®. Start substitution slowly, building up to a
⅓ swap.

For example: If recipe calls for 2 cups of flour add ⅔ cup Nutrim® + 1⅓ cup of flour.

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