John’s experience with Nutrim® is extremely personal. Its made such an impact on him, he put his reputation on the line to share his story. Back in 2001 John had a quad bypass. All four of his arteries were clogged. If John hadn’t become aware of his health, he could have suffered a heart attack.

Actually, John has always lived a very healthy lifestyle. He’s been a runner. He’s exercised. He tried to eat healthy foods. He never felt as though he over-ate. But John’s body produced too much cholesterol. Without medication John’s cholesterol score would measure around 240ml/dl. John and his doctor were worried about preventing heart disease.

After John’s surgery, his cardiologist recommended a plan to keep his cholesterol as low as possible. His doctor’s plan was necessary to avoid a re-clogging of the arteries, otherwise known as “restenosis”. John realized keeping his own cholesterol low was similar to good plumbing. If he kept his cholesterol low, he could keep his heart running strong.

In short order, John’s doctor advised statin drugs to keep his cholesterol in check. John followed his doctor’s advice. He also realized he had other steps to take. He thought it would be a good idea to see if he could adjust his cholesterol further though dietary changes.John's test results

He started taking a product, new at the time, called Nutrim®. Morning and evening he would take Nutrim®. Sometimes he’d use a shake, other times a smoothie using skim milk. After only a month, John’s cholesterol went from 240ml/dl down to 190ml/dl. As he continued to use Nutrim, he managed to drop a total of 30 pounds as a side benefit.

John continues to take Nutrim®. Now his cholesterol comes in around 140ml/dl to 150ml/dl. He’s happy to report his LDL (low density lipoprotein, or the “bad cholesterol”) comes in below 100ml/dl. In fact, his last blood test, showed his LDL as 74ml/dl.