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Hummus for Heart Health Simple food swaps can have a big impact on cholesterol levels. Want an easy flip from health robbing to health giving? Switch your dip! Creamy dips like ranch or french onion often contain saturated fat – which is associated with elevated cholesterol levels. Instead of reaching

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Low Fat

People with high cholesterol are often told to stick to a low-fat diet. To most, this seems logical. Dietary fat has been stigmatized for decades. Naturally, people started to cut back on fat. In the 1960’s Americans got 45% of their calories from fat. Today we get 33%, a 12% difference!

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Gain from Grains

Grains are a major player at most meals. In breakfast cereal, breads, crackers, chips, cookies, pastas – the list goes on. The fact that grains are such a big part of the diet presents an amazing opportunity for improving the way you eat! Whole grains differ from refined grains because

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Whole Grain Benefits

When the server asks “white or whole wheat?” what do you choose? The question actually applies to nearly every meal: A morning bowl of cereal, the bread that holds a sandwich together, pasta at dinner. When you choose white, or refined grain, a lot is left at the mill. “Refined”

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