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Hummus for Heart Health Simple food swaps can have a big impact on cholesterol levels. Want an easy flip from health robbing to health giving? Switch your dip! Creamy dips like ranch or french onion often contain saturated fat – which is associated with elevated cholesterol levels. Instead of reaching

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Cholesterol Matters

To date, cholesterol levels are the most reliable indicator of someone’s risk for heart disease. There are 2 main types of cholesterol. One type, HDL cholesterol, lowers heart disease risk. The other type, LDL cholesterol, raises the risk. LDL cholesterol is believed to increase risk of heart disease by playing a role in the development

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Preparing a morning cup of coffee can be like a ritual – special mug, just this much sugar and that many creamers. But could that morning cup- and those to follow- be derailing efforts to lower your cholesterol? What is non-dairy creamer anyway? A look at one brands’ ingredient list

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