Grains are a major player at most meals. In breakfast cereal, breads, crackers, chips, cookies, pastas – the list goes on. The fact that grains are such a big part of the diet presents an amazing opportunity for improving the way you eat!

Whole grains differ from refined grains because they contain all 3 parts of the grain kernel (discover why here). This translates into outstanding nutritional and  health benefit gains! But how do you get more whole grains? It can be as simple as a swap! Practically every time you enjoy a grain, it is an opportunity to make a healthy choice by picking a whole grain option.

Add the nutritional benefits of whole grains to your diet by making simple swaps.

  • White bread → whole grain or whole wheat bread 
  • White pasta →  whole grain pasta
  • Heavily processed breakfast cereal →  whole grain varieties
  • Snack foods such as chips →  plain pop corn
  • White rice →  brown or wild rice
  • Rice or flavored crackers →  whole grain crackers

It is easy to determine which grain products will bring the best benefits. Look to the ingredient list to determine if a product is contains whole grains. Choose grain products that list WHOLE as the first ingredient. Examples of excellent first ingredients are: whole grain [name of grain, such as wheat], whole [name of grain, such as barley], stoneground whole [name of grain], brown rice, oats, oatmeal (including old-fashioned oatmeal, instant oatmeal) or wheatberries.

What whole grain swaps have you made?

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