• Will Nutrim® interact with medication?

    Nutrim® is as safe to consume as oats or oat bran. FutureCeuticals Direct recommends users consult their doctor prior to making any changes to current therapies.

  • Is there a guarantee on the Nutrim® product?

    Yes. Users can take Nutrim® with confidence. If, in the first 90 days of taking Nutrim®, a user is unsatisfied in any way they can call Customer Support at 1-800-862-0438 for a full refund. FutureCeuticals has never refused a refund for any reason.

  • When was Nutrim® developed and made available?

    Nutrim® was developed by Dr. George Inglett at the USDA in the late 1990’s. FutureCeuticals has been exclusively producing and selling Nutrim® as a popular food and dietary support ingredient ever since. In 2006, Nutrim® was made available direct to consumers.

  • Does Nutrim® have any side effects?

    Nutrim® is derived from 100% natural oat bran. This makes Nutrim® generally well-tolerated unless the user has an oat allergy. People who typically consume low amounts of dietary fiber on a daily basis may go through an adjustment period as they adapt to the higher fiber levels. This may include increased gas and bloating. If this occurs, it is recommended to start with one scoop of Nutrim®, per day, increasing consumption as the body adjusts.

  • Does Nutrim® have any other beneficial effects?

    In addition to supporting healthy cholesterol levels, Nutrim® contributes to healthy blood sugar levels, healthy body weight, healthy digestion, and healthy immunity.

  • How does Nutrim® work?

    Oat ß-glucans, like those found in Nutrim®, have several known mechanisms of action in the body. Oat ß-glucans bind to bile and help carry it out of the body. The excretion of bile is the primary means by which the body gets rid of excess cholesterol.

    Oat ß-glucans also bind to dietary cholesterol and saturated fat, minimizing their respective impact and contributing to healthier cholesterol levels.

    Finally, oat ß-glucans are transformed by good bacteria into substances that can block cholesterol production in the liver.

  • How many servings per container?

    30 servings of Nutrim® come in the standard 225g can.
    120 servings come in the in the 900g can.
    A scoop is provided in every can for user convenience.
    Each serving contains 750mg oat ß-glucan.

  • What is the daily serving recommendation for Nutrim®?

    Nutrim® customers have been highly successful using two scoops per day, one scoop in the morning and one scoop in the evening.

    Higher amounts of Nutrim® have been shown to be effective and well tolerated. One clinical study showed approximately 60 g (8 scoops) of Nutrim® per day for 8 weeks was without adverse effects and highly effective at lowering LDL cholesterol (↓27.3%), increasing HDL cholesterol (↑27.8%) and decreasing the LDL:HDL ratio (↓42.1%). In the study, Nutrim® was combined with a low fat diet with above average amounts of monounsaturated fats.

  • What is Nutrim®?

    Nutrim® is the 100% natural oat ß-glucan super-food developed and patented by the USDA. It is an all-natural powder, rich in oat ß-glucans which have been  shown to help lower cholesterol*. The only ingredient is naturally processed oat bran which delivers 750mg of liberated oat ß-glucan per serving.

  • Is Nutrim® FDA Approved?

    Nutrim® meets the FDA’s regulation for the “oat heart health” claim.

    The FDA regulates the types of claims which can be made about supplements and food. Many dietary supplements similar to Nutrim® do not qualify for the claim because they are processed with chemicals or enzymes. Nutrim® is unique because it is processed naturally and contains no added synthetic chemicals.

    While Nutrim® qualifies for the FDA heart health claim, it is not approved by the FDA as a pharmaceutical drug.

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