Nutrim® delivers high levels of liberated oat ß-glucans. Decades of research show that oat ß-glucans, like those in Nutrim®, lower cholesterol naturally via four possible mechanisms*:

1. Oat ß-glucans work with the body’s natural mechanism of scavenging cholesterol. The body has a “built-in” ability to flush out excess cholesterol via bile produced by the liver. However, a large amount of the bile can be reabsorbed. Oat ß-glucans have an affinity for binding with bile and escorting it out of the body, resulting in naturally lower cholesterol. Learn more

2. Oat ß-glucans have the ability to bind to cholesterol that is present in foods we consume, thereby escorting some cholesterol out of the body before it can be absorbed.

3. Oat ß-glucans bind to some of the saturated fats and trans-fats in food, helping flush them out before absorption. Saturated fat and trans-fat are associated with elevated cholesterol levels. Learn more

4. Good bacteria (probiotics) can transform oat ß-glucans into substances that block cholesterol production in the liver.  Learn more

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