Nutrim® is different from all other oat products. Its USDA developed, 100% natural, patented processing makes all the difference.

In the late 1990’s, the USDA set out to improve characteristics of oats. Dr. George Inglett, an ARS Hall of Fame scientist, headed the effort to make the heart healthy benefits of oats easier to get. Dr. Inglett’s years of research resulted in an easy to mix powder, making it possible to incorporate the health benefits of oat ß-glucans into any meal.

Beyond this breakthrough, the patented Trim® process that created Nutrim® enables it to act as a healthy fat replacer. It is now possible to add the cholesterol fighting power of oat ß-glucans to any meal while cutting some of the fat that is associated with elevated cholesterol levels.

The Trim® process technology is licensed exclusively to VDF FutureCeuticals Inc. It breaks down the tough exterior of oat cells, gently freeing the oat ß-glucans for easier use by the body. The technique also makes Nutrim® extremely easy to use in foods and beverages because the resulting powder blends so well. There is no other product that can offer the multiple benefits of Nutrim®.