Nutrim® delivers high levels of liberated oat ß-glucans, a food component recognized by the FDA to help lower cholesterol naturally*. The oat ß-glucans are set free using the all natural, patented USDA-developed TRIM® process. It opens the tough oat cell exteriors and releases oat ß-glucans for use by the body.

Remove Two Kinds of Cholesterol

Oat ß-glucans work with the body’s natural processes to remove two kinds of cholesterol: dietary cholesterol and cholesterol which is already present in the body. Oat ß-glucans flush out both types. They support the body’s natural process of cholesterol control. To learn more about how Nutrim® works click here.

Explore Over 50 Years of Research

Oat ß-glucans have been carefully analyzed and heavily studied for decades. The research clearly establishes oat ß-glucan’s power to lower cholesterol naturally*. Click here to explore research on oat ß-glucans and cholesterol.

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