The two main issues with weight management today are blood sugar control and hunger control.  Uncontrolled blood sugar and hunger can lead to increase calorie intake and increased fat storage.

Oat ß-glucans are a fiber that can help with the feeling of fullness or satiety. Oat ß-glucans have also been shown to have positive effects on hormones that affect hunger.

Oat ß-glucans are a special type of fiber because they can help slow the emptying of food from the stomach. This not only helps with the feeling of fullness but is believed to be one of the reasons why oat ß-glucans have been found to be beneficial for blood sugar metabolism.

Oat ß-glucans can also bind to some of the fats in the diet and carry them out of the body before they are absorbed. Fiber is also helpful for cleansing the body which is important during any weight loss program.

Products rich in oat ß-glucan can also help save some calories if the user is trying to lower cholesterol and lose weight. Nutrim® helps users reach their oat ß-glucan daily goals with less calories than oatmeal, especially considering all the calories that people tend to add to oatmeal, such as sugar and fats.


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