ß-glucans are well known for their ability to benefit immune function. While most studies focus on yeast or mushroom ß-glucans, oat ß-glucans are gaining attention. Further research will be able to reveal more clearly the full benefits of oat ß-glucans on immune function.

Oat ß-glucans positive effects on immune function may be explained by their ability to benefit good bacteria. Good bacteria, or probiotics, help to enhance resistance to infection from bad bacteria, yeasts, and parasites. Good bacteria also stimulate positive immune function while helping to keep invasive microbes at bay. Oat ß-glucans are a prebiotic, which means they can help stimulate the growth of probiotics. Nutrim® specifically has been shown in research to increase the growth of specific probiotic strains.

Digestive tract health is believed to play a significant role in immune health. The digestive tract is one of the main places where the body interacts with the outside world. Foreign substances are introduced to the body through the digestive tract. The main role of our immune system is to properly identify and react to foreign substances. Healthy probiotic growth is important to help keep the digestive tract and immune system healthy.


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