Fiber is important for digestive health. 25-35g of fiber is the daily recommendation for healthy digestion, but most Americans get only 10-15g of fiber everyday. Oat ß-glucans are a great fiber choice as they can have multiple beneficial functions in the digestive tract.

Oat ß-glucans are known to function as a prebiotic. This means they supply needed nutrients to good bacteria and help facilitate their health and growth. Good bacteria are very important to overall health as they support the body by:

  • Breaking down and activating certain nutrients
  • Creating necessary nutrients for the body
  • Helping to improve immune function
  • Fighting off harmful microbes such as candida and infectious bacteria
  • Supplying fuel to the cells that line the intestines.

Nutrim® has been shown to stimulate the growth of good bacteria. Prebiotics are being researched as a possible adjunct to therapies for inflammatory bowel disorders and other digestive tract issues. Oats have been known traditionally for their ability to soothe inflamed tissue, and further research is continuing to reveal its benefits for the digestive tract .

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