Oat ß-glucans have been shown in research to be beneficial for blood sugar metabolism. Studies have shown that oat ß-glucans help reduce blood sugar levels and insulin responses after a meal. Research also shows that soluble fibers, such as oat ß-glucans, improve insulin sensitivity in both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals.

Oat ß-glucans ability to slow the release of food from the stomach is the likely source of benefits for blood sugar levels. Another possible mechanisms is that oat ß-glucans may prevent digestion and absorption of some carbohydrates. They are also fermented by good bacteria which releases compounds that may benefit blood sugar metabolism.

Oat ß-glucans tend to lower glycemic load (the affect a meal has on blood sugar). They have been shown to blunt the blood sugar response to a given meal. This means Nutrim® can be substituted in meals for higher glycemic index foods, such as refined flour, to improve the blood sugar response to meals.


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