Oat ß-Glucans for a Healthy Heart

Oat ß-glucans have been well studied for their beneficial effects on cholesterol levels. Research also shows they can benefit blood pressure, blood sugar metabolism, and healthy weight. All of these issues have been shown to affect the health of the heart. These factors also contribute to metabolic syndrome, which is increasingly common in America.

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Oat ß-Glucans and Weight Management

Oat ß glucans have been shown to address 2 major issues associated with weight management: blood sugar metabolism and hunger control. Oat ß-glucans can also bind to some of the fat found in food and keep it from being absorbed. While trying to lose weight and lower cholesterol, Nutrim® can help supply more oat ß-glucans with less calories than other oat products.

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Oat ß-Glucans Support Digestive and Immune Health

Oat ß-glucans act as a prebiotic, helping to facilitate the growth of good bacteria (probiotics). Good bacteria are very important to overall health as they support the body by:

  • Breaking down and activating certain nutrients
  • Creating necessary nutrients for the body
  • Helping to improve immune function
  • Fighting off harmful microbes such as candida and infectious bacteria
  • Supplying fuel to the cells that line the intestines

It is evident that good bacteria play an important part in immune health, as well as digestive health.