What is Nutrim®?

Nutrim® is the 100% natural oat ß-glucan super-food developed by the USDA.  Nutrim®’s superior technology delivers naturally high levels of ß-glucans (beta-glucans), the most studied portion of oats. Oat ß-glucans have been significantly researched and are widely recognized to provide multiple health benefits. Only Nutrim® releases this powerful oat component making it much easier to incorporate into the diet. Learn more.

Nutrim® and Cholesterol

Nutrim®’s patented process liberates the oat ß-glucans, a food component recognized by the FDA to help lower cholesterol*. This component has been carefully analyzed and heavily studied for decades. The research clearly establishes oat ß-glucan’s power to lower cholesterol naturally.  Learn more about Nutrim® and cholesterol.

How Nutrim® Works

Nutrim® oat bran is powered by oat ß-glucans. Decades of research have shown that oat ß-glucans lower cholesterol naturally via four mechanisms.  Delve into the research that backs the benefits of oat ß-glucans. Explore the research.

Using Nutrim®

Mix Nutrim® with a favorite beverage, such as orange juice or milk, twice daily.  Nutrim® is easy to mix! Plus, it adds a lush creaminess to any beverage with no aftertaste or grit. Suggested Use: 1 scoop in the morning and the evening (2 scoops daily).  Mix into water, skim milk, juice or food.

Nutrim® can be used in a variety of ways beyond the basic drink recipe. Discover how easy it is to incorporate Nutrim® into the diet.

Additional Benefits

Oat ß-glucans, like those in Nutrim®, have been recognized by the FDA to positively impact cholesterol levels*. Research also suggests that oat ß-glucans can support healthy weight management, reduced fat absorption, healthy blood sugar metabolism and other aspects of metabolic syndrome. Oat ß-glucans have also been associated with digestive health and healthy immune response.  Learn about the multiple health benefits of Nutrim®.

There is Nothing Like Nutrim®

No other oat product can do what Nutrim® does!  Nutrim® is created using the Trim® process, a USDA developed process used exclusively by FutureCeuticals. Learn more about the unique, patented processing that sets Nutrim® apart.


*Soluble fiber from foods such as Nutrim®, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce risk of heart disease because of its cholesterol lowering effects. One serving of Nutrim® provides 750mg of the oat ß-glucan fiber necessary per day to have this effect.