Remove More Cholesterol from the Body

Nutrim® naturally helps promote healthy cholesterol levels by escorting cholesterol from the body via two modes:

1. Dietary cholesterol (cholesterol in food) contributes to blood cholesterol levels. When taken around the time of a meal, oat ß-glucans bind to some of the dietary cholesterol present in food. This allows the body to pass, rather than absorb, the bound cholesterol.

2. Nutrim® aides in the removal of cholesterol already present in the body and helps to flush it away. Normally, excess cholesterol is utilized in the production of bile. The production of bile plays an important role in helping to control cholesterol levels. The body turns cholesterol into bile and sends the bile into the digestive tract. Since bile is a useful substance, it is normally reabsorbed by the body.

Nutrim® can bind to some of the bile in the digestive tract and escort it out of the body, rather than allow it to be reabsorbed. When bile is not reabsorbed, more bile must be made. The more bile the body excretes, the more cholesterol the body uses up in the production of bile. With regular oat ß-glucan consumption, the body flushes more bile and cholesterol, contributing to healthier cholesterol levels.

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