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  • Nutrim Unleash the Power of Oats. Liberated oat beta glucans help lower cholesterol naturally. 100% safe, USDA developed and patented.
  • Nutrim is easy to use. Multiple health benefits from just 2 scoops per day. Fine, mild flavored powder mixes into any food or beverage.
  • Nutrim and Cholesterol- Real People, Real Results
  • Nutrim supports your heart healthy diet
  • Explore the power of oats. Studies show oat beta glucans, like those found in Nutrim, help lower cholesterol in 4 different ways.

Nutrim®‘s Many Benefits

FDA Heart Health Claim and USDA Developed NutrimNGP JPG Seal

Nutrim users rest assured that they take a safe and effective product. They know it was developed by the USDA and it qualifies for the FDA Heart Health claim*. Learn more about these aspects of Nutrim by clicking here.

Additional Qualities of NutrimNutrim has many qualities and benefits that go beyond the heart. Read about these benefits, such as its impact on weight management or how it is 100% naturally processed, by clicking here.